Early Out Program

Early Out Programs
  • Minimize days in receivables
  • Identify additional billing and insurance
  • Charity analysis
  • Reduce bad debt
  • Predictive scoring analytics
  • Increase cash flow earlier
  • Quicker payment action from
    a third party agency
  • Reallocate staff resources efficiently

Our early out programs can start as early as Day 1, beginning with our Patient Friendly statements. These statements are designed to explain patient charges in a concise and clarifying way to the guarantor. Therefore they can understand how the final balance is derived without any confusion, which minimizes frequent calls to the billing office and prompts payment faster.

Because we are acting as an extension of your business office, each program is slightly customized for our clients, incorporating their policies and approach to collecting from their patient population. A combination of our letter series, branded with the client’s logo, and calls from our Patient Service Representatives will also identify any additional billing and insurance to help alleviate any roadblocks of payment. Using a customer service approach, our Reps are trained to work with the patient to satisfy their Self Pay balances owed to you.

Incorporating predictive scoring analytics and charity identification further enhances our collection techniques. It should also be noted that all of our scores are created using an algorithm that never touches the credit bureaus and are also available to you for your own internal review.