Letter & Statement Services

Billing Services

Incorporating a CMC precollection program will make the most of your time and dollars spent, which will equate to a stronger bottom line for you.

  • Customizable programs
  • Decrease billing costs
  • Utilize staff time efficiently
  • Decrease bad debt volume
  • Extend your business office reach

For clients that do not require a full scale Early Out program, we offer a letter & patient friendly statement service.

Patient Friendly Statements

Patient Friendly Statements can be sent to the guarantor with your logo, an OCRA lockbox line, and return payment envelope. We have two statements for this purpose: 1) self-pay balance after insurance and 2) true self-pay with or without a discount. The statements concisely explain how the final balance due is derived by summarizing patient charges, insurance adjustments, patient payments and clarifying any further adjustments.

Pre-Collection Letters

Our letter writing services can be used in conjunction with your internal collection effort prior to placing accounts with a collection agency. The service helps to separate accounts that require minimal collection effort from those that require extensive effort.


In instances where a communication letter is required to be sent to your customer, our letter experts and mailhouse will work with you to deliver your message. An example may include a letter to your patient stating that insurance has been billed and asking them to verify listed insurance.