Third Party Collections

Billing Services
  • Contingency fee basis
  • Predictive scoring analytics
  • Free credit bureau reporting
  • Advanced skip tracing techniques
  • Web browser access to view account activity and reports
  • Customizable reports available
  • ACA certified agents

Our debt collection division is responsible for collecting outstanding debt and reduce the time and frustration you spend on delinquency. Our staff is comprised of highly trained, experienced, ACA certified agents. We strictly abide by a code of ethics and remain in compliance with all industry guidelines and regulations.

Because industry knowledge is extremely important and impacts dollars collected, we operate separate departments to focus on industry-specific collections. Our approach is also enhanced with the utilization of state-of-the-art dialers, predictive scoring analytics, call campaigns, and a sophisticated account management system.

A combination of letters and phone contact from a third party agency, advanced skip tracing techniques, probability-to-pay scores, and credit bureau reporting assists us with the liquidation of our clients’ accounts.

Our client service approach and liquidation results positions us as one of the most sought after agency in the industry. Communication is key to our business relationships and providing a 24/7 secure view of our work through any web browser exhibits our commitment.